The coffee shop ride.

It's the coming together ritual for cyclists the world over. From Paris to Zagreb, Dallas to Düsseldorf the cycling café is a vital part of any vibrant cycling community. I suppose we could meet anywhere, but there is a ritual, a series of actions performed in a prescribed order, and coffee has become an essential part of that order. Coffee may be the starting point, the midpoint and the destination of any great group ride or solo effort. It fuels our morning routine and our pre race ceremony.

Cyclists can be an obsessive bunch, whether it's sock height, stem length or their unwavering position on whether the sunglasses are going over, or under the helmet straps. Coffee is on that list as well and at Musette we get it. Our soigneur brings you the best beans that American micro-roasters have to offer. Sourcing from among the most dedicated  and original coffee roasters in the country who are as obsessive about coffee as you are. 

For readers of Peloton, every other month, the magazine's Culture Editor, Clive Pursehouse, curates two full-sized bags of beans hand selected for discerning coffee snobs. There are dedicated craft roasters throughout the country, and my mission is to bring them to you. (When it comes to "full size" ounces may vary depending upon the roaster.)